When will I meet my pet carer?


After you have contacted us we will make arrangements to come to your home to meet with you and your animal.

Frequently Asked Questions






We ask that you take a minute to read this list of frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions that you can't find the answer to here, then please feel free to contact us via the relevant page and we will be happy to help.

How many dogs do you walk at the same time?


We walk a maximum of 3 / 5 dogs per walk depending on the group and how much attention each dog needs.

Will my dog be given treats?


We do use treats on our walks to reinforce good behaviour. This will be discussed with you when we meet and any allergies or dietary requirements can be put in place.

Can my dog be walked on weekends or out of hours?


Yes we offer both. You can discuss with us what your needs are and we will do our best to help.

Will my dog be walked in bad weather?


Yes, we are used to the lovely English weather and it does not stop us! There may be exceptions where we will decide to shorten the walks but this is a very rare and will only be done if we feel this is really necessary! It would only be in an extreme storm or exceptionally hot weather.

Does my dog need a name tag and to have a microchip?


Yes we do ask that your dog wears a collar with a tag and we also strongly advise that you have your dog chipped.


Do you walk all breeds of dog?


Yes we walk all types of dogs except from banned breeds.



Are you insured?


Yes we are fully insured for all the pet services we offer.


How will you clean my dog after a muddy walk?


We ask you to provide us with a towel, that we can clean your dog with and we will give them a good rub down before we leave.


How do I pay?


We will provide you with a monthly invoice that can either be paid by a BACS transfer or cash.

Anything else?


If your question wasn't answered here then please get in contact and we will be happy to help.

Where do you cover?


We cover Chorleywood, Rickmansworth and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions regarding the areas we cover then please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.